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Bo Regard

Tompkin’s Square Park, New York City, as seen from the

roof of the building I lived in on 114 East 7th Street in

1978. Oil on canvas

Radiation Poisoning San Francisco, 1979, Acrylic on Canvas

Painted during the time of cold war tensions.

Oil painting after a photo by Diane Arbus, 1980,

San Francisco

Letter boxes at the St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco, 1974

Oil on Canvas

The old St. Regis hotel, built in 1914, was torn down in 1979(?)

Jein oder nicht jein, 1997, chalk on paper,

Wanderer, 1997, Canvas and wood

Balancing, 1998, wood, copper, terra cotta, acrylic paint

Balancing Act, 1998, stone, wood, copper,

Acrylic paint

Korean Setting XI, 2003, photo

Korean Setting IV, 2003, photo

Cables, 2002, Acrylic on canvas