This Vita mentions people I have had the privilege to meet over the years. In small and large ways, they have enrichened my life just as I hope I have enrichened theirs. This vita, its writing and its living, is an on-going project...

I was born on January 28 in 1951 in Evanston,Illinois, USA. to Carl and Gloria Anderson. who gave me the name Bruce Keane Anderson. A few days later I met my grandpa from Ireland, John Keane. There is a picture of him holding me in front of the Evanston Township Hospital. It was winter and grandpa Keane was dressed accordingly. I feel lucky that we had the pleasure to meet before he left this Earth in September of the same year.
My sister Carla was born in 1952 and sister Lisa in 1956.

I did a lot of art as kid at home and in school. I painted a lot with pallett knife and oil paints.

1960 My rendering of Columbus's ships the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria won honorable mention and were shown in the auditorium where all at the Lincolnwood Elementary school(Evanston, Illinois) could see.

1965-69 Homer Central High School
A shout out to the graduation class of 1969. To really memorable classmates and to really good teachers!!

Move to California studied Art and Music at Foothill College where I met Joan Levi, Denise Joseph, Martin Weetman and Bruce Wing. Bruce rebuilt and installed the VW engine of my bus.

As a baritone in the Foothill College choir I met Seiji Ozawa back stage at the San Francisco Opera House. Our choir teamed up with the choir from San Jose State University choir to sing with the San Francisco Symphony in a performance of Beethoven's choral fantasy
Learned classical figure drawing at the studio art classes held by Thomas Leighton in San Francisco.
link to photo .
Met John and Kathy Forward
Lived in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco where I met Jamie Erfurdt, Barbara Burgel, Alise Klar, Jeffery, Nancy Nicols, Sherri Roberts, Steve Kaplan, Clair Jaquemet.

Martin Weetman and I produced Martin's play "Max and Tommy" at the Gumption Theater space in San Francisco. Later it was through Martin's invitation to come see him in LA did I have the privilege to meet actress Patty Duke (the Miracle Worker) and actor John Astin (Musical Westside Story and the TV series The Addams Family) John Astin was acting in a play by Martin called, "Estonia You Fall" at the West Coast Playwright Workshop.
First trip to Europe 1972. Visited in Stockholm Carl Dielsbo (the swedish landscape painter) and Annie (born Nielsson) (grandma's sister). My Grandma's name is Vera and she lived in Evanston and many years later in Oakland California with her life-long partner Carl Anderson (my grandfather). They both met in their first years in Evanston and begot to the world Carl (my father in 1914) and Hilding and Theodor.

In 1977 and 1978 in I lived and worked in Manhatten, New York City. Drove a taxi three nights a week, visited museums and met remarkable people; fell in love with the work of Vermeer, Modigliani and Pollack. Mortals but just as interesting -writer Sam Kitt, dancer Benjamin Felixdahl, dancer Barbara Clay, Gary, artists Robert Yasuda and Judith Murray, Joan Mumper, Sky, Iris, Robert: They are/were Writer, dancer-choriograph, dancer, dancer, painter, painter, dreamer, poet, writer, writer (in that order) who I had the privilege to meet.

1977, 1978, 1979 lived and worked in New York City and in Fes, Morocco, San Francisco. Met Andre Gregory, Julie Sitoski, Richard Sykes
1980 - 1983 painted houses with Martin Weetman and Sam Bauman.
We were the Nordic Painters.
1983 moved to Tübingen, Germany at the invitation of musician Regine Karrer.
Met healer Anita Rech, traveler Hubs Schneider and the professional clown, Tom Bolton.

1984 My daughter Marlene Anderson was born.
1984 Met Master Bookbinder Christfried Wenke and his partner and gallery owner Margit Wenke and their daughter, Monika. Started showing work at their gallery in Tübingen.
1986 My son Robin Anderson was born.
1987-88 taught English at the German-American Institute, Tübingen
Did stage painting three months at the Landes Theater Tübingen while filling in for Gerhard Saltan
1989 Met Martin and Gabi Guffart
1991 showed 40 works at the German-American Institute
1991 met Dr. Robert Frost, Erik and Jutta Haar.
1992-93 was head school master of a one-teacher art school 'Lune-Art' for youth and adults in Lüneburg
Link to Photo
1997 art shows at Altstadt Atelier with Agnieszka Madej who I had the honor to collaborate with on a dozen collages.
Link to photo of the Marktgasse 7 studio.

One person show at Art Forum, Mühlheim am Main
Met the Tübingen art gallery owner Wolfgang Klier and showed works at his
Grieshaber gallery
1997-98 held workshops called 'Picture and Music' in the Drawing Institute of Tübingen University under the directorship of Gabriele Schulz. Met artists/performers Koho Mori-Newton and Lauren Newton, visual artist Jörg Kallinich
link to video , musician Thomas Maos, musician Ulrika Helmholz, drumer Ralf Meinz, bass player Jörg Honnicker, musician Fried Dahn, singer and draftsman Tilman Kaiser, designer Robin Broadfoot and friend Andrea Gesell
Link to photo

Met Herbert Rühle and Inge (art lovers).
1995-96 2nd art show at the DAI (German-American Institute)
1997-1999 created the 'Bananaman' series of paintings.

1997 Met Reiner Müller and Wolfgang and Kirsten Lüdtke of the Kosmos Verlag in Stuttgart, Fritz Grüber of the Goldsieber Verlag and Uwe Mölter of Amigo Verlag.

1998 Met Rudi and Geri Lettmann, Hans and Heidi and the band THE FRIENDS
Thomas Schatz, actor Christof Bender (both Thomas and Christof helped me to test Mars)
1999-2000 Solo art show at Boston Consulting in Stuttgart thanks to Pit Eitle and Klaus Nadler.
link to photos
Met Günthard Müller, IT teacher and musician.
Met the poet Anne Fröhlich, singer Claudia Zimmer and journalist Stefan Zibula.
2000 Met Dr. Moon-Ey Song, educator, Nina Burger and her partner Matheus Neumann, pianist
2002 Group show at the Kornhaus, Tübingen 'Tübinger Artists' a show of art by artists living in Tübingen.
Met artist/educator Joachim Betz -made a short film with him called 'Rituale'

Photo of studio in 2004 (note an early Mars-game prototype in the foreground)

Met Markus Wendig actor, artists Sukhi Barber and her partner Peter, Ernst Kroh, Martin Maria Strohmayer, Mark Knüttgen, Adelheid Benzing, Margit Busch, Marion Springer -and later Marion's partner Stefan Wiedmaier, musician
2004 solo show at Wenke Kunst, Tübingen
2004 Solo show at Peripherie, Südhaus, Tübingen.
Link to Photos
2005 Studio house fire causes loss of 100 hundred paintings and sculptures
2006 & 2007 & 2008 group shows in "Atelier Ö", Tübingen
2008 group show at the Shedhalle, Tübingen

2009 started the 'banana peel mandala' series
Link to photo
2010 Group show at the Kornhaus, Tübingen 'Tübinger Kunstler" show art by artists living in Tübingen
2010, 2011 Benefit group show for BUND Tübingen and Rottenburg
Met poet/performer Oya Erdogan, Berlin
Met Alfons Alt, German artist based in Marsailles
Met Boris Palmer, Mayor of Tübingen

2011 showed work at gallery Dalmau. Met Molilie Dalmau (Peru) and Maria D'Los (Puebla, Mexico)
2011 rented work space at the Kunstamt until 2016, Doblerstrasse 21, Tübingen; a special thanks to Josefine Gras who managed the project and to Adalbert Sedlmeier who founded / organize the project.

2012 started exploring "Fat-impressionism".
Met educators Franziska Schmid and Georg Fenzke.

2012 showed works together with artist Judith Grimm at the Kunstamt.
Met artist Ale Zea, dancer Ayse Nihan Köroglu and her musician and educator partner Thomas Wiedenlübbert and their children Flora and Jona.
Met biologist/educator Johanna Flick.
2014 started to use the artist name
Bo Regard
Swedish for life + Regard: French for behold) .
2015 Kunstamt's Group show at the Kunsthalle, Tübingen.(it is not mentioned in the Kunsthalle website because this show and two other exhibitions were projects of the city of Tübingen and not of the Kunsthalle curators themselves) Met the Mexican artist Raul Lopez Garcias and Anita Schmuck-Lopez.

Link to Photos.
Link to Photo of a newpaper coverage.

Studio in Doblerstrasse 21, Tuebingen: Link to photo.
Thanks to Architect Florian Danner for the use of the studio space in trade for my painting called
Met artist Karolina Rakoczy(Mainz), Singer Teresa Bergman(Berlin),

Met photographer Andreas Karge and his partner Sabina and their daughters Stella and Laura.
2016 2nd show at Wenke Kunst, Tübingen
Link to video
Link to a second video

Did art workshops and sports with refugee children from Syria at the Doblerstrasse 21.

Link to video: 'Rain In May'

Link to photo of BOX TOWER and Bo Regard 2016 at Kunstamt Doblerstrasse21, Tuebingen
Photo by Ale Zea, Tuebingen.

Met nurse Dorothea Früh and therapist Oswald Hauler.
Met Marianne Haug of the Jugendamt Sommerferienprogramm
Met author Jan Böttcher and lecturer Meike Herrmann and their children Joakim and Milan, Berlin
Group show "Gestados En Europa", Galeria D'Los & Vierya, Pueblo, Mexico
Link to video
2017 Move to Mainz, Germany.
2017 groupshow at the Baden-Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart

2018, 2019, 2020 stays in Normandy Met the Link-Adéle Family (Olivier, Duschka, Ottilia and Rosalie) Met educator Lukasz Neca. Met Margaux Blanc.
Met gourmet cook Hartmut Kurtz and his partner translator/interpreter Kyoung-Wha Yang

Link to Photo of Shifting Fields at Wenke art gallery in Tuebingen..

Met Inga and Andreas Messing
2019 groupshow at the Baden-Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
Link to photo
2020 Met artist Christa Flick, Marburg

Link to Photo: in the studio in Mainz, Germany.
2022 Began to have my photo work produced at
White Wall, Fechen, Germany.
Facilitated a workshop for young people with Ayse Nihan Köroglu at the Werkstadthaus in Tübingen.
Link to workshop photos
Met Patricia & Jean-Yves Marchal and their son Jonathan at their home in the Vosges mountains in France
2023 Met Nino Hasse the newly elected mayor of Mainz
Met Tomek, Eliza, Helena Majewski from Krakow, Poland
Met photographer Tanja Upravitelev
Link to photo of work in a private collection in Darmstadt, Germany.

Collections: Regierungspräsidium Tübingen, University at Tübingen, City of Tübingen, Boston Consulting Group Stuttgart, private collections in USA, Germany, Mexico, Israel, South Korea, Switzerland and France.